Empowering Healthcare Innovation

Leverage the power of AI with public and proprietary big data.

Access the new Basil medical industry information resource.

Basil provides healthcare enterprises with new analytics and insights that guide strategic product development decisions, improve product and supply chain quality, mitigate product recall risks, and reduce regulatory approval times.

Our Inception
Our Inception

Basil Systems was formed in 2019 by an experienced team of technologists who had previously built a SaaS platform to serve the highly regulated data privacy industry. That company was acquired by IBM in 2014. When the challenges of working in the highly-regulated healthcare industry were identified, this same team re-assembled to create a new solution: Basil Systems.

Our Purpose
Our Purpose

To support enterprises in the highly-regulated healthcare industry, Basil Systems:

  • Modernizes how companies work with regulatory and quality information

  • Informs and augments product planning

  • Identifies and predicts adverse events that may lead to a recall, and helps companies respond faster to mitigate any business impact

  • Provides early insight into your competitors and supply chain that may impact your business

Our Vision
Our Vision

Basil delivers the power of leading-edge technologies—machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and predictive analytics—to accelerate time-to-market, reduce the risk of adverse events and recalls, and enhance competitive intelligence for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Customers
Our Customers

Basil is now deploying services to healthcare-related enterprises, including:

  • Medical device, IVD, and blood product manufacturers

  • Government agencies

  • Service providers such as law firms, regulatory consultants, financial institutions, and insurers​

  • Healthcare providers and purchasing departments

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Unified Intelligent Search

Whether searching by manufacturer, brand, function or multiple descriptive terms, Basil accepts natural language entries and instantly deliver a comprehensive view of all 510(k)s, PMAs, De Novos, HDEs, supplements, recalls, adverse events, registered products, regulations, companies, and more.

Dynamic Visualizations
Dynamic Visualizations

Basil provides insightful charts, detailed reports, and advanced visualizations to help see trends and relationships—from mapping out related products, device predicates or drug compounds, to approval rates, recall timelines and regulatory market activity.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Beyond serving up references, search results, and original source data, Basil provides analytics and comparative charting to inform outcomes for adverse events, related products, submission acceptance rates, and even forward-looking regulatory guidance trends.


With Basil systems, you can track, search, and generate reports to meet your market intelligence, product surveillance, and regulatory needs.

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  • Track applications, products, manufacturers

Track applications, products, manufactur
  • Warning letters, adverse events & recalls

Warning letters, adverse events & recall
  • Product, market & regulatory analytics

Product, market & regulatory analytics
  • Applications & submission trends

Applications & submission trends
  • Detailed market intelligence

Detailed market intelligence
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Mitigate Product Risks
Mitigate Product Risks
  • Basil provides real-time alerts and trend analysis on product and category adverse events, warning letters, and recall

  • Track audits and continuity of contract manufacturers, component suppliers, formulation centers, and distribution lines

Reduce Time to Market
Reduce Time to Market
  • Basil empowers companies to research all related product submissions, associated filings, trial data, and relative approval timing for different product categories

  • Comprehensive views of predicates, reference products, performance analysis, and review time recommendations for regulatory submissions

Product, Market & Revenue Strategies
Product, Market, & Revenue Strategies
  • Basil delivers actionable insights and market intelligence by benchmarking applications, device performance and regulatory actions against industry averages or competitors

  • Analysis on submission and regulatory trends, new and withdrawn products, changes in product codes, and general competitive factors

Where did our name come from?

Despite being a team of dedicated technology and business leaders, we also appreciate a bit of whimsy, we like nature and good food, and Basil just sounded good.



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