Exec Dashboard & Alerts

Stay ahead in the MedTech industry with our platform that delivers real-time updates on device approvals, medical guidelines, and clinical trials.

Access comprehensive snapshots of the sector to enhance your strategic decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

Customize alerts for key products and companies, with robust tracking tools that keep you informed about advancements in medical devices, patents, and emerging technologies.

Seamless oversight of all post-market activities through detailed visualizations and summaries, maximizing your operational efficiency and compliance.

Comprehensive Snapshots of Recent Activities

Exec Dashboard 

  • Define custom datasets for analysis & tracking, across companies, brands or tech categories:

    Tailor your datasets for specific analyses, spanning across any combination of companies, brands, or tech categories to enhance strategic oversight.

  • See everything and anything new at a single glance and get email alerts when anything happens in your tracked datasets:

    Quickly survey all recent updates through a succinct dashboard overview and stay informed with immediate email notifications for any changes in your tracked areas.

  • View trends, spot troublesome developments; compare across companies, products, problem types and more:

    Easily monitor emerging trends, pinpoint potential issues, and conduct thorough comparisons across various dimensions such as companies, products, and problems to sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Set Alerts to see opportunities and take actions on new events:

    Activate customized alerts to swiftly detect opportunities and implement timely actions on emerging events, ensuring you remain proactive and ahead in your industry.

Transform Your MedTech and Pharma Operations with AI-Powered Insights